Death of Charles Colson – A Tribute – April 21, 2012

by Christian on April 21, 2012

ChuckColson72Charles Colson passed away today April 21, 2012. In a conversation with him last year, I asked him what he thought about the health of Christianity in the United States.

Colson expressed optimism about younger evangelicalism, a renewal movement within the Protestant church. Yet he also acknowledged that there will be many challenges in the years ahead. Over the course of our conversation, he reflected on the unpopularity of the concept of Truth, and how being a Christian often requires one to stand alone against the flow of the current.

But Colson also expressed excitement about younger evangelical voices that are communicating the tenants of Christian truths in a fresh and relevant way against the backdrop of a postmodern and relativistic culture.

Time magazine recently listed Charles Colson as one of the twenty-five leading evangelicals in America. After examining his biography, it’s not difficult to understand why.

For an overview of Colson’s life, click here. And, for a recent interview with Chuck Colson published in Time click here.

The ultimate story of redemption, Chuck Colson’s life continues to inspire those inside and outside the walls of prison. For evangelicals everywhere, Colson remains a mentor, a hero, and a champion of Christian orthodoxy.

  • Benjer McVeigh

    “The ultimate story of redemption.” Yes, and that is why Colson’s story is so powerful. Not equal to Saul becoming Paul, but not much unlike it, either.